How To Use Exus Pen

I was taught how to use an ink marker on my working desk when I first started university studying print design. Inks seemed strange, the colors nearly alluring, and like something of a pain-staking chore to avoid smudges all over everything! I have since, gained more experience with markers and pens in general as a web designer and experienced some downsides to using markers at a desk – not being able to draw on thick cardstock or build up layers quickly.

What Is Exus Pen

Exus Pen is a wireless stylus for touch screen devices. It enables users to write, sign documents, and take notes on their devices wirelessly. The pen has a thin tip that allows you to control the cursor easily. You can also erase mistakes easily with the eraser side of the pen. The pen has a long battery life, so you can use it for hours without having to charge it.

How To Use It

The Exus Pen is a wireless device that can be used to control your car. It uses a wireless connection to get information about your car, such as the location and speed. You can use the Exus Pen to start the car, lock or unlock the doors, and start the engine. The Exus Pen is also compatible with many other devices, such as lights and security cameras.

Our Top 10 Recommendations

If you’re looking for a handheld device that’s handy for taking notes and recording audio, the Exus Pen is a great choice. Here are our top ten recommendations for using the Exus Pen:

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1) Make use of the pen’s side buttons to control playback and volume.
2) Write and take notes with the ink-based pen.
3) Use it as a microphone when recording audio.
4) Use the infrared camera to capture 2D or 3D diagrams and sketches.
5) Add annotations to PDFs, photos, and other documents.
6) Communicate with Alexa devices and other voice-activated assistants.
7) Fine-tune handwriting in multiple languages with our handwriting recognition software.
8) Store passwords, PINs, and other confidential information on the secure digital microSD card.

Things To Consider Before Buying an Exus Pen

If you’re looking for a way to keep your possessions safe and secure, the Exus Pen may be the perfect option for you. The pen has a built-in alarm that can be activated using a wristband or mobile app. The alarm will sound if the pen is removed from the owner’s wrist, stolen, or if it’s inactive for more than 30 minutes. The pen also has a RFID blocking feature that prevents thieves from stealing your personal information. If you’re not sure whether or not the Exus Pen is the right choice for you, consider consulting with an expert.


If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your car safe while you’re not driving, then the Exus Pen is the perfect option for you. The pen has a built-in GPS that tracks your car’s location and sends it to your phone. This way, you always have access to detailed information about where your car is and what activities are being performed on it.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Is The Exus Pen A Pen That Writes With Water?

The Exus Pen is a pen that you can write with water.

The Exus Pen is a pen that uses a special ink that can be drawn with water. The pen is compatible with all type of paper, so you won’t need to invest in different types of notepads and notebooks.

What Is The Difference Between Exus Pen And A Regular Writing Utensil?

The main difference is that Exus Pen is equipped with mechanical ink. This type of ink is known to be more durable and easy-to-use, so you don’t have to worry about smudges, watermarks or any other damage to your writing.

Exus Pen is infrared ink that disappears on paper after one use.

How To Use Exus Pen Is The Best Way To Use A Stylus On Your Device.

Yes. If you use a stylus, or your fingers, there is still the chance that you might get smudges or fingerprints on your screen. With How To Use Exus Pen, all of these problems are avoided.

If a stylus is right for you, then How To Use Exus Pen is the best way to use it.

How Do You Charge The Battery Of This Pen?

Your pen has replaceable battery that is standard and easy to refill. Simply place your pen on flat surface, twist the cap off, press the button while inserting a 18650 lithium battery and “collect” it into the battery compartment.

The battery of the pen is rechargeable with a fully charged desktop or wall plug.

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What Does The Exus Pen Do?

The Exus Pen is a gel pen that allows you to draw on paper and not only erase your mistakes but also add color without smudging. It dries up quickly.

The Exus Pen has many different modes and settings. You can choose to draw a straight line, push the pen in toward anything pointy, or even just have it replicate what you’re trying to draw on your note app. The pen is extremely versatile and can work with any device- including Apple’s iPad Pro.

Why Does My Pen Not Work?

Most likely the battery is dead. Try charging the battery in your device for about 20 minutes and then put it back into the pen.

If you’re pen is not working, there may be an uncommon reason. The pen has three parts: the battery, the cartridge and the body. If you are having a problem with one of these products, please contact us at as it is most likely that we can solve your problem.

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