How To Make Your Vape Last Longer

There are many chemicals that could be found in e-cigarettes and vaporizers that differ from the nicotine in analogs. Vapers should have some people or at a minimum stay under the supervision of someone who understands all these terms and parameters.

Why You Should Stop Rushing Through Your Vape

It can be hard to resist the temptation to start vaping every time something interesting pops up on our social media feeds, but resist the urge! Slow down and take your time with your vape. This will help ensure that your device lasts for as long as possible. Here are four reasons why you should slow down when it comes to vaping:

1) Vaping quickly vaporizes nicotine, which can damage your device.
2) If you vape too quickly, you may not inhale the full flavor and strength of your e-liquid.
3) Rapid vaping can lead to dry hits, where you don’t get enough nicotine or flavor.
4) Vaping slowly will also allow you to savor the flavors of your e-liquid and avoid unwanted nicotine cravings.

Tips to Make Your Vape Last Longer

If you’re looking to enjoy a leisurely vape session, there are a few things you can do to prolong the life of your device. First, make sure your batteries are properly charged. Second, beware of hot liquids and metals that can damage your battery. Third, avoid leaving your device unattended while it’s charging; if possible, charge it overnight so it doesn’t discharge during the day. Finally, keep your vape clean – a little bit of lint or gunk on the battery can drastically decrease its lifespan.

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Foods that Can Destroy The Flavor of Your Vape

If you’re looking to maximize the flavor and enjoyment of your vaping experience, it’s important to avoid foods that can destroy the flavors in your e-liquid. Some common offenders include citrus fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and other dry goods. By keeping these items out of your vaping diet, you’ll be able to keep your e cig tasting great for a long time.


If you’re looking to make your vape last longer, there are a few things that you can do. First, make sure that you’re vaping the right kind of cartridge. For example, if you’re using an e-juice with vegetable glycerin, try switching to an e-juice with propylene glycol. This will give you a stronger vape and longer battery life. Additionally, be sure to avoid overcharging your device. Overcharging can damage your battery and lead to decreased performance. Finally, keep your device clean by wiping it down with a cloth after each use.

Frequenty Asked Questions

I Want To Make My Vape Last Longer, What Is The Best Way?

To make your vape last longer, try the following:

There are a few things you can do to make your vape last longer. First, try avoiding super thick and heavy clouds like those that come from big vapes. What vaping stores call “hard hitting” is actually just as bad for battery life because it uses more power so it’s not better for the battery life. The key is to have an even tone of vapor that comes out consistently without clouding up the Vape Machine instantly. Also, always let your battery cool off before charging.

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How Long Does A Vape Typically Last For?

Vape juice typically lasts for about an hour to two hours. There are a couple of factors that determine how long it lasts for, such as the vaping style and the quality of the vape juice.

Vapes typically last for 1-3 hours depending on the strength of the nicotine.

What Is The Best Way To Make My Vape Last Longer

The best way is to use a vaporizer pen that has batteries that are rechargeable and replaceable. If your vaping pen does not have this feature, we recommend getting a charging case or portable charger so you can keep your vape charged up all the time.

There are a few things that can help you prevent your vape from burning out too quickly. Keep your vape clean, keep your tank air tight, and constantly refill on vape during use.

How Long Does A Single Cartridge Last?

Our vapes have a standard battery that lasts from 350 puffs to around 500. This gives the average user 500 to 650 puffs with each cartridge. If a person has a different type of vape and battery, but still wants to know how long their vaporizer/cartridge lasts, they can click on the switch between cartridges to see the estimated total time for both products.

A cartridge usually lasts for around half a day depending on how hard you vape.

Do You Have Any Tips Or Tricks To Make My Vape Last Longer?

Vapes don’t last forever for a number of reasons which includes having to wait for the battery to charge up, settings and resistance adjustments. Check out our blog for additional information on how you can make your vape last even longer!

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If your vape is getting worn out quicker than usual, we recommend you to clean the glass parts of your vape with apple cider vinegar. After that, leave a few drops of oil on the cotton and put it in the drip catcher until it’s absorbent. Then take it out and seal off your vaporizer by putting back together all the pieces such as mouthpiece and cartridge at full force.

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