How To Make A 510 Connector

When you purchase a new e-cigarette, such as one of the new Innokin products, you would have to know what size atomizer threads to buy with this. Since 510 connectors are available from many vendors and brands, the first step is determining which vaping products that best match your device

How to Make a 510 Connector

If you want to use a 510 connector on your own vaping device, here’s how to do it! First, find a 510 connector that you like. You can find these online or in stores. Next, copy the pinout of the connector onto a piece of paper. Make sure that you write down which pins are which. Next, connect the solderless wire to each pin in the order that you wrote down on the paper. Finally, heat up the connector until it starts to melt the connectors together and then press it together so that the pins fit properly. You’re done!


If you’re new to building electronic projects, you may have some questions about the different types of connectors and how they work. In this article, we’ll go over the basics of wires and connectors, and show you how to make a 510 connector.

There are a few different types of wires that you’ll need for this project. The first is a 12-gauge wire, which is used to power your device. You’ll also need a 3.5mm male connector and a 3.5mm female connector. Once you have these materials, it’s time to start assembling your circuit!

First, connect the 12-gauge wire to the positive (+) end of the male connector, and then connect the negative (-) end of the wire to the female connector. Next, attach the wire to your device by soldering it onto the pins on the bottom of the device. Finally, put the cover back on your device and enjoy your newly made 510 connector!

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Wrapping Tools

If you’re a modder and you’re looking for a clever way to store your tools, wrap them up in some cardboard or foam. This will keep them organized and corrosion-free. You can also use a simple 510 connector as a tool holder. This is a metal disk with two slots on the side. You put your tools in one slot and then use the other slot to hold the connector when you’re not using it. It’s easy to make and it’s a great way to get your tools organized and out of the way.

Wire Sizer

If you’re looking to make a custom 510 connector, you’ll need a wire sizer. A wire sizer is a small tool that helps you to accurately measure the length of wire you need. It has a built-in gauge that allows you to measure the diameter of the wire. This will help you to choose the correct size connector for your project.

Soldering Iron

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of electronics, a great way to do so is by making your own cables and connectors. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll teach you how to make a 510 connector, which is essential for vaping. We’ll also include some helpful tips on soldering, so that you have the most success when building your own electronics.

Scraping Tool

Looking to make a 510 connector? Here is a quick guide on how to do it. First, you’ll need a small scrap piece of metal. Next, you’ll need a drill bit that is the same size as the hole in your 510 connector. Finally, you will need some screws and an alien drill bit.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What Is A 510 Connector?

A 510 connector is a device that will enable you to vape CBD. They are being used in many places but not yet approved by the FDA.

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The 510 Connector is the standard connection for e-cigarettes. It’s used when people want to use different cartridges. The 510 Connector is made from metal and can fit multiple cartridge attachments. The voltage goes through the bottom connection, the amperage flows through the top connection and an atomizer is connected to the center pin on the bottom of the connector.

I Want A 20 Gauge Nail With A 510 Connector, What Is The Size Of The 510 Connector?

The size of a 510 connector is not always universal among designs. We have a Wire Connectors option and it will show you the size of each compatible connection and better yet, we have wire length options as well so that you can get the right length.

The 510 connector is the smaller part of the vape, it should fit over 20 gauge nails.

My E-cigarette Battery Doesn’t Fit My Battery Charger. What Can I Do?

The 510 connector is not a universal standard, so it’s tough to find a battery charger that will accept your e-cigarette battery. However, there are many different sizes of batteries and chargers but the diameter of the charger is usually the same. So if you have a charger that takes 18650 batteries, you will be fine.

If your battery charger is of a different voltage than your e-cigarette battery, you will need a replacement part called a 510 connector. It can be bought at most vape shops.

I Am Trying To Find A 510 Connector For My Vape But I Can’t Find One.

510 Threads has a whole section dedicated to 510 connectors. Here you can find many options from brands such as Aspire and Kanger.

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Our site might not have the 510 connector you are looking for, but we do carry them at We carry hundreds of vape products from all the leading brands that you can choose from.

How Do I Use A 510 Connector?

To use a 510 connector, you need to screw it onto the atomizer of your MOD or RDA, then place your tank on top and screw the tank onto the 510 connector. Ensure that the positive connection is placed outside of your atomizer in the air.

The 510 connector is pretty easy to use. It features a round ceramic heating coil with a removable bottom piece designed to be screwed onto your tank or atomizer and then attached securely to the battery connector. Once it is secure, you can fill up the tank/atomizer with e-liquid. The next step is then to screw the bottom on tightly to ensure that e-liquid doesn’t leak out when you vape.

What’s A 510 Connector?

The 510 connector is most commonly found in e-cigarettes. It’s an electrical inside of a cartridge that allows different electronic devices to connect to the device and simultaneously supply power.

A 510 connector is a very important part of vaping and is used to connect the battery of your electronic cigarette to the atomizer. Our How To Make A 510 Connector guide will show you step-by-step how to make one. The Do It Yourself section is full of simple DIY instructions that include everything you need, so it’s a no brainer!

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