How To Clean Teeth Without Toothbrush

Individual teeth often require special attention if they feel yellow, gritty, or if there’s debris hiding among the teeth. Find out how to use supplies you have around the house in order to clean them, such as water and baking soda!

How to Clean Your Teeth Without a Toothbrush

There is no need to Reach for the Toothbrush when you can Clean your Teeth without It! Here are 7 Easy Steps:

1. Wet Your Fingers- Bring a pot or sink of water to a gentle boil and wet your fingers. Add enough toothpaste to cover your teeth, and massage it into your teeth using your fingers. Don’t use too much toothpaste or you’ll get foamy spit on your toothbrush.

2. Brush Your Teeth Using Your Finger- Spit out the foam from Step 1, and using just your fingers, brush each tooth in turn, using slight back and forth motions. Aim the toothbrush at an angle towards the gum line and use gentle circular motion.

3. Rinse Off Your Mouth- Repeat Step 2 until all of the toothpaste is gone (or use as much water as you need to create foam). Spit out the foam again and rinse your mouth with filtered water.

4. Swish With Water- Use a cup or sink filled with clean water to rinse off your toothbrush and any remaining paste. Dip the bristles in the water and rinse off.

5. Dry Off Your Toothbrush- Place the toothbrush on a clean dry towel to dry off.

6. Store Toothbrush- Hang or store your toothbrush where it will not be disturbed (usually near the sink).

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Benefits of Using Water to Clean Your Teeth

There are many benefits to using water to clean your teeth. First, it is gentle on your teeth and gums. Second, it kills harmful bacteria in your mouth. Third, it is cheaper than toothbrush cleaners and leaves your mouth with a fresh smell. Fourth, you can use water to clean all of your teeth at once or selectively depending on the situation. Finally, water is one of the simplest ways to keep your teeth healthy and clean.

What Foods Can You Eat With a Dirty Tooth?

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There are many foods that can be eaten with a dirty tooth, but some are more likely to cause irritation than others. Some of the Foods That Can Cause Oral Irritation: Chocolate, ice cream, strawberries, pears, grapefruit, salt, cinnamon, spicy foods.

To avoid toothache and other oral problems caused by eating dirty food, it is important to brush and floss regularly. However, if you do happen to get a dirty tooth, here are a few recipes that will help you clean it with minimal damage to your oral hygiene routines.

1) Honey and Baking Soda Clean Toothpaste: In a small bowl mix together 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/2 cup of honey. Pour this mixture into a small container or baggie and rinse your toothbrush in the mixture. Swish the brush around in the honey-baking soda solution for two minutes then spit the suds out into the sink. use this paste to brush your teeth as usual.

2) Apple Cider Vinegar Clean Toothpaste: For this recipe mix 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 2 teaspoons of glycerin. Store this mixture in a small container or baggie that you can easily access while brushing your teeth. After rinsing your toothbrush in the mixture, swish it around for two minutes then spit the suds out into the sink. Use this paste to brush your teeth as usual.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

I Just Bought A Toothbrush, Where Do I Put It When I’m Not Using It?

You can store toothbrushes in a cup, sink or on the counter.

If you don’t want your toothbrush to take up space in your bathroom, we recommend that you store it upside down.

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How Often Should I Brush My Teeth?

Most dentists recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day.

Our guide will help you decide how often to brush your teeth, but the most important thing is to use a toothbrush that fits your needs and teeth. There are many types of toothbrushes on the market, it’s crucial that you find one that fits your teeth and gums. We also recommend using our How To Clean Teeth Without Toothbrush guide to ensure that your teeth are cleaned properly.

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