How To Clean Smok Novo Pod

Most people will focus on the main floor of their homes when it comes to selecting the products that they need for various aspects of home maintenance. Some might even choose household cleaners, ironing boards and Christmas trees as their go-to items. Have you ever stopped to consider your handheld vaporizer? This article reviews a tool for carrying with them through out the day that works wonders for naturally whittling down calories instead of making a dent in your credit card bill or stomach.

How to clean a Novo Pod

If you’re looking for an easy way to clean your Smok Novo Pod, you’re in luck. The pod can be easily cleaned using a small amount of water and a couple of drops of dish soap. Make sure that the pod is completely dry before storing it away again.

Maintenance of the device

When it comes to the maintenance of your Smok Novo Pod, it is important to regularly clean it to ensure that your device is functioning optimally. You can clean the device by removing the battery and cache section, putting them in a bowl of hot water, and washing them with soap and water. Be sure to dry the device completely before putting it back together.

Tips for successful use

Cleaning your Smok Novo Pod is essential for its long-term performance. Follow these tips for a successful clean:

1) Use aquality e-liquid and/or pod based liquid cleaner specifically designed for pod devices. Avoid using harsh chemicals, alcohol, or detergents that are not specifically designed for electronic equipment.

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2) Remove the battery and cartridge before cleaning. This willprevent any damage to the device.

3) Place the device on a soft, lint-free cloth and wipe down the APV and insides of the pod quickly and thoroughly. Do not use excessive pressure when cleaning as this may cause damage to the device.

4) Rinse off the device with water and dry it off completely before re-installation of the battery and cartridge.


To clean your Smok Novo pod, remove the mouthpiece and inhale through the side of the pod. Hold the pod upright and flush it with water. Afterward, dry it off and enjoy your clean smoking experience!

Frequenty Asked Questions

What Is The Best Method For How To Clean My Smok Novo Pod ?

Try not to soak the oil out of the pod! Use a gentle soap to wash your Smok Novo Pod. Then, let it air dry or dry it with a microfiber cloth. Most importantly, don’t use harsh chemicals or cleaners!

The best method for how to clean your Smok Novo Pod is using a combination of a wet cloth and distilled water.

What’s The Difference Between A Normal Cigarette And One That’s In A Smok Novo Pod?

A regular cigarette is designed to be smoked to tobacco, while a Novo Pod can be smoked with 100 percent flavored gels.

A regular cigarette is made out of all kinds of materials, mostly filler, and tobacco. The pod comes in all-natural e-liquid which features a nicotine level of 0mg.

How Often Should I Clean My Novo Pod?

When you first use the vaporizer, you should give it a quick rinse to get rid of any manufacturing oils or oil that was left on the coil. However, other than this initial cleaning process, we recommend once every two and a half weeks.

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The length of time for cleaning the Novo Pod is not as important as working with a skilled professional. If you clean your device regularly, this will keep it running at top performance. It is a good idea to clean your device every week or two just to remove any buildup of residue.

Can This Product Be Used With My Smok Novo Pod?

Yes, this will be able to take care of your Smok Novo Pod.

That is not specifically stated on our site, but it may work at least with the Ecigarette Starter Kit from Smok Novo.

I’m A Customer, How Do I Use This Product?

For the most part, our customers take good care of those pods. There are a few things that must be taken into consideration though:

This product is designed to be used in one of two ways and the instructions should be clearly set out on the package they come in. One way it can be used is to freeze it and allow it to liquefy, drop this disc into the holder to where your coil is. When you’re ready, inhale and pull the lever

What’s The Difference Between A Novo Pod And A Phantom?

A Novo Pod is a pod that is available in three sizes, while a Phantom cannot be made in any size. The phantom also costs $165 whereas the Novo Pod only costs $99.

A Novo Pod is a refillable and reusable pen vaporizer cartridge made by the company VapeXhale and comes with a wide variety of different coils. A Phantom, on the other hand, is an all-in-one device that contains a rechargeable battery and features a mouthpiece that allows for easier smoking sessions.

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