How To Clean Ruger Lcp 2

Whether you’re looking for a method to clean your gun, or simply want the best advice on maintaining your weapon all year round, this article has all the knowledge and advice needed!

Disassembly Process

Like most firearms, the Ruger LCP 2 can be safely and easily disassembled. Start by taking off the bolt assembly and then remove the barrel. Next, use a punch to push out the pin that holds the firing pin in place. Finally, remove the firing pin and barrel.

How to Clean the Gun After Disassembly

If you have a Ruger LCP 2, it’s important to properly clean and maintain it so that it function properly. To clean the gun after disassembly, start by removing the magazine and chambering a round. Next, use a shop vac to suck all the dirt, grit, and carbon out of the barrel, magazine tube, and bolt assembly. Finally, swab the inside of each barrel with a good quality bore cleaner. Be sure to push the cleaning solution down into the barrel as well. Let the firearm air-dry for at least 24 hours before storing.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What’s The Best Way To Clean A Ruger LCP 2?

We recommend using a Towel.

You should use a cleaning agent and dry cloth to clean your gun. To avoid damaging the barrel, it’s important to remove all of the oil, grime, and residue before using a lubricant. Avoid using harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach, which can damage the metal. You can take your gun to the professional shop to clean it with our specialised liquid cleaning agents or mechanical polishing machine

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Is There Anything I Should Do Before Cleaning Ruger Lcp 2?

Uh, yeah. Lubricate the magazine well with a dry film of CLTD CLP before beginning the cleaning process. We recommend using CLTD CLP to lubricate the magazine well in order to get the greatest performance out of your Ruger Lcp 2 firearm.

Before starting to clean your firearm, please ensure that the weapon is unloaded and the magazine removed. To make sure you are doing the cleaning properly, please read through our manuals and user guide below.

How Do I Clean A Ruger Lcp 2?

You can find instructions for cleaning all of our products here, remember to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

It is all too easy to mess up your Ruger Lcp 2 and cause it to malfunction. There are two different types of ammunition that wear down the gun and allow improper functioning. One is the lead residue left in the pistol which can be removed completely with a Q-tip and warm water. The other are misaligned lands and grooves in the path of each bullet, which can also be removed by gently wiping out the area in question with a cloth and cleaning solution.

Will This Product Help Me Clean My Ruger Lcp 2?

This product is designed to help clean your Ruger Lcp 2. It may not work on other types of guns, so make sure you check the back of our packaging for more specific cleaning instructions.

For cleaning your Ruger LCP 2 try 409, baking soda and a toothbrush.

Does This Product Work With Other Ruger Firearms?

This product is not compatible with other Ruger firearms.

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Our product does work with other Ruger firearms. You can easily find the product page and compare the compatibility by clicking on the “compare” option.

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