How To Clean Reloading Dies

Small parts, small equipment. Not everyone revels in the minutiae, though it’s a very important part of the work process. If you’re not sure how to properly exercise your equipment or the work that goes into it, read this article to find out how!

Why You Should Clean Reloading Dies

There are a few reasons why you should clean your reloading dies. First, if the die becomes dirty it can create inaccurate ammunition. This is particularly important when shooting handgun ammunition, which can be prone to inconsistent ballistics due to die-to-ball powder variances. Second, dirty dies can also lead to jamming during firing. Finally, gunk and carbon build up on dies over time, which can make them harder to operate. By cleaning your dies you’ll prevent these issues from happening and keep your firearms performing their best.

How To Clean Reloading Dies

Loading and unloading a rifle requires proper cleaning of the die before use. This document will teach you the basics of how to clean and reload reloading dies. Cleaning dies is an important step in maintaining firearm safety, as well as accuracy. following the steps in this document will ensure that your dies are always in good working order.

Tips for Prepping and Cleaning

Before you start loading your ammunition, it’s important to clean your reloading dies and primers. This will help ensure that your rounds are accurate and that your firearm operates smoothly. Here are some tips for prepping and cleaning your dies and primers:

1) Clear all of the casings from the die area.

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2) Soak primers in lukewarm water for 30 minutes.

3) Remove all residue from the die area with a solvent such as acetone or denatured alcohol.

4) Wipe down the die area with a dry cotton ball or cloth to remove any excess solvent.

Resources For More Information

When it comes to reloading die sets, it is important to know the right way to clean them. Here are some resources that will help you learn more about how to clean reloading dies:

– Die Cleaning 101: A guide on how to clean die sets properly
– 7 Simple Tips for Cleaning Die Sets: Tips for a successful cleaning job


One of the most important aspects of reloading is keeping your dies and related equipment clean. Many dieffeniers recommend soaking dies in a solution of baking soda and water for several minutes before rinsing them off. This two-step process cleans the die, removes any built up powder, and neutralizes the die’s metal components. After soaking, you can wipe the die dry with a lint-free cloth or paper towel. Dieffeniers also recommend storing dies and other reloading components in an airtight container to keep them clean.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Please Tell Me How To Clean Reloading Dies.

The steps to clean a reloading die are to place it in the middle of the top ring of the press and use a brush to do several strokes. Then using an air compressor, blow compressed air over the dies and use a rod with a magnetic tip on an end to remove any loose powder that might have been left from cleaning.

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They’re designed to be washable with cold running water after use.

Can You Clean Brass Reloading Dies?

Yes, you can clean brass reloading dies. Just download our free guide named “How to Clean Reloading Dies” and learn how you can remove hard water buildup, dirt and grime from these popular types of firearms part.

Yes! Cleaning brass reloading dies is easy. The first step is to be sure you are using the right products. We recommend purchasing a product called Tuffkote, which you can use with the Greenbrier sifters below to clean and remove lint, residue and grease from your brass reloading dies.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Box Of Reloading Dies?

The amount of shipping and handling will depend on what you buy. If it is one die, it would be $3.00 USD, if it’s two dies it would be $5.00 USD, and so on.

Connect with our customer support and they will be able to give you a shipping quote.

How Do I Disassemble My Reloading Dies For Cleaning?

Here’s a quick video:

Some die sets will have a simple one-stop process of popping up the ejection pin and either levering out the shell with a clip or removing the shell manually; others may require disassembly. Generally speaking, you should always use caution when performing any gun maintenance and contact your manufacturer for further directions.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Pistol Reloading Die?

The product’s images show the section of the die that should be removed and cleaned, then plastic tweezers are used to remove any brass shavings from the area.

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This is the best way to clean your pistol reloading die. You need to boil it in water for over an hour along with cleaning them with a brush and soap.

How To Clean Reloading Dies

The Case Trimmer is a tool that makes removing brass easy. The high rates of down pressure will help you trim the brass to a uniform length.

The ultimate resource for reloading dies.

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