How To Clean Pvc Strip Curtains

Sometimes, you might want to pick up some new curtains for the living room or bedroom – even though they’re pricey and can often list hundreds of dollars. With the use of technology and methods, you can save an awful lot of money when it comes to shopping for vinyl pubic walls!

If you have pvc strip curtains, it’s important to clean them regularly to keep them looking and smelling fresh. Here are four simple steps to cleaning your curtains:
1. Wet the curtain in water then squeeze out the excess.
2. Add a mild detergent to the water and scrub the surface of the curtain with a cloth.
3. Hang the curtain up to dry.
4. When it’s completely dry, replace the curtains if necessary

Frequenty Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Clean My Curtains?

The cleaning process will depend on the amount of dirt and grime that is in your curtains. It should take about 20 minutes, but might be different depending on your curtains.

It’s very fast, you can have them cleaned in minutes. For example, our Anti-Smudge feature will eliminate 99% of the marks on your new curtains.

How Often Should I Clean My Curtains ?

Depending on the fabric of your curtains, it could be a monthly or weekly task. Most manufacturers recommend that you clean your curtains for around one hour per piece per week. You will be able to see how easy or difficult it is to clean when you wake up in the morning!

The frequency really depends on how often you have your curtains cleaned as well as the material and model. Most people clean their ‘curtains’ monthly, but if they are freshly designed or expensive, they’ll need more attention.

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Can You Clean My Curtains?

Yes, please send us a link of your curtains so we can run a test. Send us pictures of what they look like after the cleaning process and before, to let us know if it was successful.

Yes, We offer a 30-day guarantee on all of our cleaning services. You can clean them yourself with a mild soap and water solution or have our professional cleaners come out to do it for you.

How Do I Clean My Vinyl Window Curtains?

One of the most common questions is how to clean pvc strip curtains. The best way is by using a cloth that can be easily sprayed with a window cleaner. Start at one corner and spray the cloth with solution then wipe before moving on to another corner.

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