How To Clean Pickleball Paddle

How often do you clean your paddle? A lot of the time, because it’s always getting dirty! This article will discuss how to properly clean a paddle and how to take care of it.

How to Clean and Store Your Pickleball Paddle

To keep your pickleball paddle clean and in good condition, follow these guidelines:
-Wash it with warm water and soap.
-rinse it thoroughly.
-dry it with a cloth.
-put it in a plastic bag if you’re going to store it for more than a day.

Cleaning Your Pickleball Paddle

To keep your pickleball paddle clean and free of dirt, dust, and bacteria, follow these simple steps:

1. Wash the paddle with a mild soap and warm water.
2. Rinse it well with fresh water.
3. Dry it off with a soft cloth or towel.

Care and Storage of Your Pickleball Paddle

To keep your pickleball paddle clean and in good condition, follow these simple tips:
-Wash the paddle regularly with soap and water.
-Rinse the paddle well to clear away any soap residue.
-Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners on the paddle. These can damage the wood surface.
-Dry the paddle thoroughly before storage.


In conclusion, it is important to clean the paddle regularly to avoid any potential health risks. Doing so will also make the pickleball experience more enjoyable for both you and your opponent.

Frequenty Asked Questions

How Do I Get My Pickleball Paddle Clean?

Just stick with How To Clean Pickleball Paddle.

For normal dirt you can use a dishwasher, if you want to clean mud or something with glue or paper that is old and grossing up the paddle, most fast food restaurants will have a sink near the drink station. If your hands are too sticky to pickleball with, using hand sanitizer will help clean your hands before playing.

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What Is The Best Way To Clean A Pickleball Paddle?

You can either hand wash a pickleball paddle with soap and water, or put it in the dishwasher.

The best way to clean a pickleball paddle is by using cool water. If that doesn’t work, try using a toothbrush. Use either a dish soap or mild detergent and warm water to get the paddle sparkling clean. For a more deep cleaning, use hydrogen peroxide or baking soda. If you see stains or mold build-up on your paddle, follow these steps to fix them: Sanitize the shaft with hydrogen peroxide and let the shaft dry completely before re-using it. The same method can be used for other materials like graphite paddles and tennis rackets

Why Is It Important To Clean My Pickleball Paddle After Each Use?

Proper cleaning of a pickleball paddle is recommended to prevent the growth of bacteria. Bacteria can lead to illness and damage your paddle, causing it to lose its value.

The best way to clean your paddle is to wipe it down with a damp cloth and let it dry, then soak it in an antibacterial solution for about 10 seconds. This will kill any harmful bacteria or fungus on the paddle surface so that you can play your best.

What Size Paddle Does My Pickleball Paddle Fit?

On the product page you can see the size of the pickleball paddle you need and that it fits any plastic Pickleball paddle.

Our paddle size matches a standard one, which is 17.5″ in length and has a width of 5″.

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Why Is My Paddle Coming Out Yellow Now?

We recommend taking your paddle to only the most reputable and recommended cleaners so that they can get rid of any residue left by the previous owner.

Pickleballs are meant to be a bright, crisp yellow. If they’ve been exposed to any other type of cleaning solution or food over the weeks without proper cleaning and care, they will lose their color.

Does The Pickleball Paddle Come With A Warranty?

Yes, our paddles are backed with a six-month warranty. All you need to do is email us at or give us a call and we can help identify the problem and process the return or warranty application.

Yes, the Pickleball Paddle comes with a one-year warranty from quality brand name manufacturers.

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