How To Clean Hermit Crab Poop

Hermit crabs are small, colorful crustaceans that enjoy life in pairs. They live in shells and love to molt- however, this creates large amounts of poop on their owners’ beds and floors. Thus, learn how to clean hermit crab poop with this article!


Hermit crabs are one of the most beloved pet species, but they also produce one of the most toxic secretions in the animal kingdom – crab waste. When your hermit crab feels (or senses) danger, it will “eject” its fecal matter in a hurry to escape. Since this waste is alkaline, it can damage paint, wood, and other materials it comes into contact with. Take some simple steps to clean up your hermit crab poop!

What you need to know about hermit crabs

Hermit crabs are interesting creatures because they require a lot of space to live in. If you want to keep a hermit crab, you will need to provide it with a large enclosure. When the crab needs to take a bathroom, it will expel a feces that is brown and has a strong odor. Due to the strong odor, you will need to clean the feces regularly. You can do this by wetting the feces, soaking it for an hour, and then scrubbing it with a brush or a soap solution.

Must Know How to Properly Take Care of Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs are amazing creatures and make great pets, but like all animals, they need care. One of the most important things you need to know about hermit crabs is how to clean their poop. It’s important to keep their home clean so they can live in it happily and avoid becoming sick. Here are the steps you need to take when cleaning hermit crab poop:

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1. Collect the feces in a container.
2. Pour a bit of water over the feces and wait until it sinks to the bottom.
3. Using a slotted spoon, remove the feces from the water and place it in a bag or bin.
4. Pour fresh water into the container and change it as necessary to remove any fecal odor.

Cleaning Specifics

Hermit crabs are always on the go and they like to deposit their fecal matter all over their homes. Clean up hermit crab poop with the following steps:

1. Remove any loose rubble or objects from around the crab’s home.
2. Wet your hand and wring out as much of the crab’s fecal matter as possible.
3. Direct the fecal matter into the designated cleaning area.
4. Wipe down the area with a wet cloth or sponge.

Important Safety Information

It’s important to know how to clean hermit crab poop correctly in order to keep your pet safe and healthy. Make sure to follow these steps:

1) Sweep the area clean where the crab pooped.
2) Make sure there is no food or debris on the surface where the poop was deposited.
3) Wet a cloth and wring out water until it is damp.
4) Rub the soiled area with the wet cloth.
5) Rinse with fresh water.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What Is The Best Way To Clean Hermit Crab Poop?

The best way to clean hermit crab poop is by using a paper towel and simply adding a little bit of water.

There are a few things that you can try. A good solution is soaking in soapy water for 5-10 minutes before scrubbing with water and paper towels. You can also use a warm, damp cloth to clean an individual crab’s poop off the shell every day.

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How Do I Clean The Poop From My Hermit Crab?

Hermit crabs have a very simple system for defecation. They will defecate into their own specific waste area, which can be found under their left abdomen and below the shell. Soak a Q-tip in warm water and wet it with vinegar or soapy water to make it smell less poopy and enzyme. Place the Q-tip in the poop box and flick an ash off onto the top of his shell. Slap the hermit crab’s abdomen twice on each side of its head to signal him that it is time to clean itself up.

You can try to use a paper towel or cloth, but if your hermit crab has a lot of poop and it’s soiled a large area you might need to transfer it to another container. You can also use warm water and dish soap instead of fabric.

What Do You Do When A Hermit Crab Dies?

Hermit crabs can live for about 3-4 years so it’s expected that occasionally one might die. When your hermit crab does die, remove the body from its enclosure and replace it with a fresh one. If you would like, you can also wash the cage to remove any clinging feces before placing the new hermit crab inside.

The hermit crab could die if they are not cared for properly. During the length of time with a hermit crab, you should expect to spend some money on food and supplies that they will eat. You can expect possible costs when the hermit crab is not going to last the entire amount of time; unnecessary expenses like pet stores, monthly food costs, and vet visits will be attributed to these specific costs.

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I Don’t Know How To Clean Hermit Crab Poop

All you need to do is mix the hermit crab food with water, make sure it’s up to the hermit crabs height and then offer the food in a bowl. It should take care of their needs within a day or two.

This is a really important skill to learn. It will benefit not only the hermit crabs, but also the humans! A little knowledge goes a long way towards nurturing your pets and themselves. You can always find some helpful information on our website for how to properly take care of them.

How Do I Clean Hermit Crab Poop?

The best way to clean hermit crab poop is to add a generous amount of salt and vinegar to the water and wait a few hours. Hermit crabs will eat their own poop and when they do, you can reach in and bury their fecal matter in a container of sand.

You will need to purchase a hermit crab specific scoop from your local pet store. After you have placed the scoop in the tank, go ahead and immediately pick up the hermit crab and use the scoop on his shell to remove any poop that may have fallen off of his body. Once you have removed all of the poop, rinse out the scoop with water and then disinfect it by dipping it into a solution of hydrogen peroxide, which can be purchased at your local drugstore.

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