How To Clean A Warmie

Whether you play hockey in Antarctica, or go ice fishing with your friends on the Maine coast, you know how important boots are. Be sure to keep yours clean and intact with this article’s thoughts on the best ways to clean dusty and dank boots.

What is a warmie?

A warmie is a reusable coffee cup that is heated on the inside with a heating element. The coffee stays warm longer because it doesn’t get cold as quickly as regular coffee cups. There are many benefits to using a warmie, including reducing waste and saving money.

What should you do before cleaning your warmie?

Cleaning a Warmie

A Warmie is a type of food that is meant to be eaten cold. Some people think that a Warmie is a healthy food, but others believe that they are not as nutritious as other foods. Regardless of whether or not you think they are nutritious, you should clean your Warmie before eating it. The best way to do this is to put it in the oven and turn it on to the lowest temperature possible. This will cook the food inside the wrapper and make it easier to clean.

Care and Storage of a Warmie

It is important to take care of your warmie while it is in your possession. Make sure to store it properly to keep it clean and in good condition. Follow these tips to clean your warmie:

-Wash it with warm water and a soap solution.
-If the warmie is stained, try using a mild enzyme cleaner.
-Rinse it off and let it air dry.

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Alternatives to Cleaning Your Warmie

If you’re sick of cleaning your warmie every time it’s used, there are a few alternatives you can try. You could either disinfect it with soap and water, or use an anti-microbial sanitizer. Another option is to put it in the freezer for a few hours before using it. This will make it colder, which will help prevent bacteria from growing.

Frequenty Asked Questions

How Do I Clean My Warmie?

This is a common question and we have many ways to help answer it for you! If your Warmie has the cleaning brush, use the brush to clean the Warmie all over. If your cloth does not have one, add some water to the inside of the coat and shake it outside to remove any dust or debris. When washing, use warm water and soap to clean the rest of the coat. Use cool or cold water if you are concerned about damaging the fabric.

Simply fill the washing machine with cold water and normal detergent. Machine wash on a delicate/hand-wash cycle for 60 minutes, then hand-wash for three minutes before rinsing. Hang dry in a shady place or inside out overnight if outside.

What Are The Best Ways To Clean A Warmie?

For soft fabrics, you can use a mild detergent and water. This will still work well with certain dyes and colors, but please be careful not to overdo the cleaning process. Use water instead of a cleaner on polyester, suede or leather Warmie. For more stubborn stains, such as those from coffee or tea, use a mixture of vinegar

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Here are the 4 methods we recommend for cleaning your Warmies. For a more detailed review, please contact us.

I Just Bought A Warmie, What Do I Need To Know?

It is really easy to clean a warmie. The fabric is machine washable in cold water and line dry. You can use up to 40 degrees Celsius of heat to steam the fabric on our website or you could air-dry it in the sun if you want an extra healthy option.

Even after one wash, most warmies should be gently hand-washed. But before you begin, don’t forget to make sure that your warmie is made with 100% cotton as its imparts to a more natural and sweet scent on your skin.

What Size Warmies Do You Offer?

Our product is made out of fleece so, the size is determined by the size of your fleece and not the wearer’s.

We offer a medium and a large warmie, but if you are interested in other sizes than what we currently carry then please let us know. We are also always open to suggestions for new products!

The Warmie Is A Reusable Thermal Underwear. What Precautions Should I Take While Using The Warmie?

The Warmie is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, so it should be safe to use. However, the instructions that we provide on our website provide some recommendations on how to best care for the Warmie.

Be sure to wash the Warmie regularly and dry it thoroughly after use. We have provided care instructions on our website in the FAQ section.

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How Do You Clean A Warmie?

We recommend washing the Warmie by hand with cold or warm water and then drying it out completely. We also recommend to not use a dryer and lay the Warmie flat on a floor or any surface that is hard.

Step 1: Fill the Warmie with cold water, add a cambro liner and close the lid. Step 2: Turn on your Warmie’s heater to medium and wait. As the water heats up it will clean itself as well as any spills within its tank. Turn off the heater once the water is warm.

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