How To Clean A Vape Pod

A blog article analyzing how cleaning pods can be difficult because of the placement and shape of the coils. Some suggestions on how to clean them, and a list of seven products that can help get you started.


There are a few steps you’ll need to take in order to clean your vape pod. First, remove the coil and any cotton that may be attached. Second, soak the pod in a bowl of warm water and a few drops of dishwashing soap. Next, use a toothbrush to scrub the pod until it’s clean. Finally, rinse the pod off with water and let it air dry.

Disassembly of a Vaporizer

If you are cleaning your vaporizer, it is important to take care not to damage the heating chamber and atomizer. Here’s how to do it:
1) Unscrew the mouthpiece from the vaporizer body.
2) Remove the atomizer coil pod by gently wiggling it out and pulling straight up on it. Make sure to hold on to the top lip of the coil pod as you remove it – there is a spring inside that will make it difficult to remove if it isn’t removed in this way.
3) Clean all of the exterior parts of the vaporizer with a dry cloth or trocar. Be sure to get into any crevices and around the edges of areas that don’t easilyaccessible with your fingers.
4) Reattach the mouthpiece, atomizer coil pod, and screws.

What You Will Need

To clean a vape pod, you will need the following items:
-A bowl or container large enough to hold the pod
-A moist towel
-Vape juice or e-liquid (optional)
-Q-tip or cotton ball
-hot water
-Baking soda (optional)
1. Remove the battery and screw it out from the bottom of the pod.
2. Add about 1/4 cup of HOT water to the bowl and place the pod in it. Let it soak for at least 5 minutes.
3. Wring out the towel as much as possible, then place it over the opening of the pod.
4. Squeeze out any excess water from the towel and discard it.
5. Put your fingers inside the pod and twist it open like a bottle cap.
6. Remove the filter from inside and set it on top of the battery so that they form a triangle.
7. Place your finger on one corner of the filter and suck on it until you can see some liquid leaking from between its pages. Do not drink this – just spit it out!
8. Once you have extracted all of the liquid, put

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Steps for Cleaning a Vape Pod

If you are using a vape pod, it is important to know how to clean it. Here are the steps:

1. Unscrew the pod from the battery or charger
2. Remove the atomizer and cartridge (if present)
3. Wash the battery and pod in warm running water
4. Dry off the pod and battery
5. Replace the atomizer and cartridge if necessary


Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn how to clean your vape pod. Remember that even with the best of intentions, vaping can still result in bacteria and condensation build-up over time. Follow these steps to clean your pod effectively:
1. Wipe down the entire device using a dry cloth or your hand
2. Remove the battery and micro-chamber
3. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any residue or dirt from inside the device
4. Put everything back together and juice up!

Frequenty Asked Questions

How Do I Wash Your Vape Pod

All you need to do is slightly wet your pod and swirl it gently. It should sparkle like new in seconds.

Very easily. We recommend using quite a bit of soap, and rubbing it all over your vape pod.

How Do I Clean My Vape Pod?

For a quick and thorough clean, make sure that you disconnect the battery from the device, then take a container of soapy water and submerge it into a bowl of warm to hot water. Soak the inside for 30 seconds to a minute then dry off with a towel.

The easiest way to clean your vape pod is to remove the mouthpiece part and rinse it with warm water, making sure not to get any residue on the threads.

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How Do I Clean A Vape Pod?

Depending on the vape pod, there are several ways to clean a vape pod. If it is a dry herb vaporizer, you should be able to soak the vape in alcohol or a cleaning solution and then use a wet towel or glass brush to scrub it clean. If you’re unsure of how best to clean your specific vape pod, read up on how to clean this type of device elsewhere on our website.

The first thing that you should do to clean your vape pod is fully charge the battery and pull it out of the case. You can either use a cloth or cotton swab to gently scrub any visible residue off the inner walls of the vape pod before blowing and taking in a lung full of air through the mouthpiece to blow out any remaining debris. Remember not to put anything too hard or abrasive on your vape pod, as that can damage your pod and it may no longer work correctly.

How Do I Clean The Battery Of My Vape Pod?

Vape Pods tend to hold on to residual material and can end up contributing to a variety of health problems, including throat irritation and moderate or severe lung issues. How To Clean A Vape Pod will help you make sure that your vape pod is always in pristine condition.

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