How To Clean A M1 Garand

This whole article is based off of one question, how do you clean a M1 Garand rifle. The descriptions of how to scrub a rifle in several different methods are here, so that you can easily learn the process and help your mind wander away from work!


When it comes to weaponry, the M1 Garand is one of the most iconic rifles in history. The rifle was designed by John Garand and features a simple design with a long lasting firing mechanism. In this guide, we are going to teach you how to clean a M1 Garand rifle. First, you will need some cleaning materials. For the barrel, you will need gun oil, patch rounds, and a barrel brush. For the stock and action, you will need clean cloths and bore solvent. Finally, for the bolt assembly, you will need a brass brush and grease.

Parts of the Garand

To clean a M1 Garand, you will need to disassemble it. The first step is to remove the stock. Next, remove the barrel and bolt carrier group. You can then clean the receiver and barrel. To clean the metal parts, use a brass brush and plenty of cleaning solutions. Be careful not to damage the finish. Once everything is clean, reassemble the rifle according to instructions.

How to Disassemble and Clean a Rifle M1 Garand

To clean a rifle M1 Garand, follow these simple steps:

1) Unscrew the barrel from the stock.
2) Remove the barrel retaining pin and remove the barrel.
3) Clean the bore with a solvent such as bore solvent or Clubman Bore Gel. Be careful not to get any of the lubricant inside the barrel.
4) Wipe down the receiver, bolt and firing pin with a dry cloth.
5) Reassemble the rifle according to manufacturer’s instructions.

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Assembly and Reassembly of the Rifle M1 Garand

If you’re looking to clean your M1 Garand rifle, it’s important to understand the assembly and reassembly process. First, disassemble the rifle as follows: Remove the bolt, barrel, front sight assembly, rear sight assembly, and handguard. Next, remove the stock Assembly is the reverse of disassembly. Assemble the firearm following these instructions: Insert the barrel into the receiver. Make sure the muzzle is aligned with the rear tang of the stock. Screw in both barrel nut assemblies. Tighten using a 6-point socket with a retaining clip holding on to brake band screw and washer (see above). Locktite┬« can be used on these screws to make sure they do not loosen. Wipe down all surfaces with a dry cloth or paper towel. Reinstall handguard and front sight assembly. Replace bolt by rotating it about half-way into receiver before installation on barrel Nut should be facing up when installing bolt onto barrel (bolt should still be installed on handguard). Align front sight post with notch in barrel and screw in securing screw until it makes contact with top of post Allen key should fit in hole on bottom of receiver noted earlier and hold handle tightly while tightening Adjustable butt

Frequenty Asked Questions

Where Can I Find The Best M1 Garand Cleaning Kit?

For your M1 Garand cleaning kit, you can simply go to and search for “M1 Garand cleaning kit” or click on the link below. You’ll find that this is one of the best.

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The best place to buy the M1 Garand cleaning kits is at

Should I Clean My M1 Garand With Kroil?

In the manual that comes with your M1 Garand, the cleaning instructions suggest a popular product called Kroil. This might be a good idea for your M1 Garand, but it is not recommended to use all of the time. If you want to clean your rifle multiple times and save money on ammo, remember that a dry patch only works if your gun is completely dry after shooting.

No, Kroil may remove the patina. The garand should be cleaned with soap and water. Then apply a thin layer of oil or shellac before cleaning it again.

I Have A Surplus M1 Garand I’m Looking To Sell. How Do I Clean It Up?

The surplus parts are going to be in a lot worse condition because they were never cleaned. Most of the cleaning you might need to do is on the receiver and bolt, but you will definitely need to clean inside the barrel as it’s pretty filthy after WW2.

This is a question that comes up so often with surplus M1 Garand rifles. This short article will explain the definitive step-by-step process to clean your surplus M1 Garand rifle.

Can A New M1 Garand Be Cleaned Easily?

Yes of course, with the M1-broom-cleaner. It’s a concave stick shaped brush that can be used for cleaning both military and civilian service rifles in no time.

With some patience, the M1 Garand is fairly easy to maintain and clean. If a tough job with your M1 Garand, use this guide to get it back clean and in good condition.

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How Often Should I Clean My M1 Garand?

M1 Garands are not dirty guns, but like any gun exposed to the elements and hard use can develop surface rust. The user does not need to immediately clean their rifle after every use, but should at least clean the exterior of rifle before it is put away for storage.

If you’re not in the market for a new gun, it’s best to avoid cleaning your M1 Garand too often. With regular use and little use of any sand or grit cleaner, we suggest shooting your M1 Garand dry and then oiling it every 3-6 months. If you are in the market for a new gun, weekly cleaning is also recommended.

How To Clean A M1 Garand

If your rifle’s barrel is marked “US M1” or you bought a rifle that looks like the U.S. military issued rifle, you might have a Garand called M1. We suggest using lubricating oil and cleaning it with a rag and some solvent on the barrel for easier cleaning.

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