How To Clean A Lever Action Rifle

Keeping your lever action rifle clean is essential for safety. Follow these simple steps to keep your rifle in good condition and safe to use.
Title: How To Paint A Gun
Description: How To Paint A Gun
Introduction: Painting a gun can be a fun project for the avid firearms enthusiast, and it’s one that can be done in a variety of ways. In this article, we will show you how to paint a gun using two different methods.

What is a Lever Action Rifle?

Lever action rifles are a type of firearm that use a lever to pull the rifle’s trigger. This type of rifle is less likely to jam than other types of firearms, and is generally considered to be more accurate. Lever action rifles can be cleaned in the same way as other types of rifles, using a cleaning kit and water.

How to Clean a Lever Action Rifle

Lever action rifles are a favorite firearm of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. They offer the convenience of a lever action without having to undergo the complexity of a full-length pump shotgun. However, like any other firearm, levers must be kept clean in order to optimize performance. There are three main areas where cleaning a lever action rifle should take place: the chamber, the barrel, and the action.

Chamber: The chamber contains the round that is fired from the rifle. To keep it clean, remove all fouling material, including powder residue, scat, and case casings. Use a brass swab to remove any traces of lead or other metals that may be present. Once everything has been removed, reinstall the chamber cover and dry it off.

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Barrel: The barrel is where the bullet is placed and propelled by propellant gas from the chamber. It should bekept free of dirt, grease, and residue to ensure accuracy and smooth operation. To clean it, use a bore cleaner specific for Lever Action Rifles followed by cleaning rod and patch specially designed for this purpose. You can also use a solvent such as CLP (Concentrated Liquid Petroleum) or denatured alcohol to clean it more thoroughly depending on your locality regulations.

Action: The action includes all of the moving parts that allow the rifle to fire rounds. It should be cleanedand lubricated frequently in order to prolong its lifeand performance. Use a Swab &


In this tutorial, we will cover how to clean a lever action rifle. This process is typically used on shotguns and rifles that use a lever to eject the spent shell casing and load a new one.

1.Pull the bolt back to the open position.
2.Remove the spent shell casing from the chamber.
3.Engage the extractor and pull the spent shell casing out of the chamber.
4.Wash your hands and arms with lukewarm water and soap.
5.dry your arm with a paper towel.
6.Replace the bolt assembly and return the rifle to service.

Frequenty Asked Questions

I Recently Cleaned My Rifle And It Worked Great, But Now There Is A Lot Of Residue Left On The Barrel. How Can I Clean It Again?

If you used a Gun Scrubber, you can just rinse it off with water. If you didn’t use a Gun Scrubber, you can either use a rifle bore cleaner or a solvent such as acetone. Remember to always wear eye and skin protection when cleaning any type of firearms.

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Use a rifle bore cleaning patch to clean the barrel. This is specially treated with bore cleaner and oil, so it will dissolve the residue and leave your barrel clean.

I Bought A Used Rifle. How Do I Clean It?

Depending on the make and model of the rifle, it may require different steps to clean it. However, the general steps to cleaning a lever action rifle are as follows:

Use a clean cloth and lather up the gun with soap. Gently scrub the barrel, chamber, and screws. Rinse off all the soap with clean water and dry the rifle thoroughly.

Can I Share This Guide With My Customers?

Yes, you are free to do so. Just make sure to give credit where credit is due, and if you make any changes or additions, please let us know so that we can update the guide.

Yes, you can share it with your customers by using the share buttons below.

Can I Use This Guide To Clean My Rifle?

The guide is designed to help customers clean their firearms, but can not be used to clean a lever action rifle.

Yes, this guide can be used to clean your rifle. Remember to use a mild soap and warm water and avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives.

I Have An AR-15 Rifle, Can You Provide Me With A Guide On How To Clean It?

Unfortunately we do not have a guide on how to clean a lever action rifle. We suggest you read our article on how to clean a rifle.

Sure, we can provide you with a guide on how to clean your AR-15 rifle. To start, remove the magazine and secure it away in a safe location. Then, clean the weapon exterior using a mild soap and warm water. Be sure to take care of the moving parts such as the bolt, firing pin and extractor by using a dry cloth or q-tip. Finally, oil the weapon’s moving parts using a internal polymer oil or firearm lubricant.

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