How To Charge A Pen Battery Without A Charger

When it comes to devices such as a smartphone, tablet, or wireless mouse/keyboard, even if they do not have rechargeable batteries like a gaming console or a pet activity tracker, the lithium-ion cells inside them tend to last for about three years of normal use and then need to be replaced. But what about the 8.4 million office workers who use pens in their work?

Why Should You Charge A Pen Battery Without A Charger?

If you don’t have a charging station or you need to charge your pen battery quickly, you can do it without a charger. First, find an outlet that is near where you are. Second, connect the charger to the outlet. Third, connect the battery to the charger. Fourth, wait until the battery is fully charged.

How To Charge a Pen Battery Without A Charger

If you’reField Notes owner and need to refill your ink pen without having to find a charger or enter the charging code, there is an alternative. All you need is an adapter compatible with the USB port on your laptop. Simply plug in the adapter and your pen will be good as new. You can also use this same adapter to charge other devices that use a USB port, such as cellphones, laptops, and tablets.

Alternatives to the How To Charge a Pen Battery Without A Charger

If you need to charge your pen battery but don’t have a charger, there are many alternatives. You can use a USB port on your computer, an outlet in a public place like a park, or even solar power. Just be sure to find out the specifications of the battery before charging it, so you know how much power it can take.

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There is no need to worry about charging your pen battery anymore! This article will show you the easiest way to charge a pen battery without a charger. All you need is a power bank and a USB cable. Simply plug the power bank into your computer’s USB port and plug the USB cable into the power bank. The pen battery will start charging right away!

Frequenty Asked Questions

How Do I Charge A Pen Battery Without A Charger

It’s simple. You’ll need a Maglite Solitaire Necklace (the adjustable one), scissors, and a very sharp knife. Cut the end off of the pen that has the little metal piece on it and insert it into the necklace. Open up the battery compartment and use your scissors to cut through the wires that connect to each other at each end of the pen battery. Scissors are not strong enough to cut through metal wires. With your knife, transfer a small piece of wire from where it comes out of the pen battery onto one side of the metal ring that’s on top of a pencil or function key. That will provide you with two convenient points which you can use to attach your Maglite Solitaire Necklace securely onto one end of your pen battery so it won’t fall off when you twist open its case.

If a pen battery does not come with a charger, you can buy a DC adapter to use it by plugging into the US or Euro sockets on your computer. Those chargers are cheap and easy to find.

I Don’t Know How To Charge

Some of the more popular brands are listed below. Targeted resellers are also listed for these items but there might be cheaper options for you too.

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We are not an expert on how to charge a pen battery without a charger. For expert assistance please contact the pen manufacturer yourself.

What Type Of Battery Should I Use?

There is not a single type of battery that works for all types of chargers. Generally speaking, you should use a 3V Lithium ion battery with a USB charger. However, please note that these batteries might not work with some chargers.

We recommend using AAA batteries because they tend to be the most widely available. If you are using a pen that requires an old style button battery, try using two together in the battery holder.

How Do I Charge A Pen Battery Without A Charger?

Charging a pen battery without a charger can be challenging and frustrating, especially when you know it’s just not the kind of pen that has an external power source.

1. Unscrew the metal bottom/base of the pen and insert a AA battery in to the void left by this metal piece.

What Are The Main Reasons Why People Don’t Have A Charger For Their Pen?

The most common reasons that people don’t have a charger for their pen or pen battery are:

There are many reasons pen owners don’t have a charger. We found one of the main reasons to be that pens are compact and lightweight, so when they need to be charged, people don’t want to carry around a bulky charger.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Full Charge From Empty?

Depending on the charge of your battery, you should be able to see it’s full charge in about 5-7 hours.

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The charge time will vary depending on the level of charge of your battery and the weather conditions. If you have a cordless drill, please be sure to select 1/8-inch drill bit in setting to contact side.

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