How Long Does It Take To Learn Tarot Cards

These days, it might seem like everyone has their own opinion on how long it takes to learn tarot cards. And with over two centuries of tradition wading through the centuries of history, there are plenty of ways for people to try and “protect” their system by taking out the competition. But in reality, the answer is pretty simple: there’s no universal time frame because it depends on the individual and their studies. What is important to you (whether it be money, spirituality, or something else)? If you know that early on, then you can figure out which aspects of tarot to specialize in so that you’re better prepared as you continue your studies. This article outlines some of those things and provides tips for maximizing your learning time.

How to Learn Tarot Cards

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some people may be able to learn the basics of tarot card reading quite quickly, while others may takes months or even years to feel confident with the interpretation of tarot cards. The best way to learn tarot cards is to find a method that works for you. There are many resources available online and in bookstores. You could start by reading about the meanings of tarot cards, and then practice doing readings for yourself or for friends and family. It’s also helpful to get feedback from experienced tarot card readers. With time and practice, you will develop your own style of reading tarot cards.

Tips for Learning Tarot Cards

There is no one definitive answer to how long it takes to learn tarot cards. However, there are a few tips that can help you along the way. First, it is important to find a deck that you connect with. This will make the learning process more enjoyable. Second, take your time studying each card and its meaning. Don’t try to rush through the process or you may end up missing important details. Finally, practice regularly. The more you work with the cards, the better you will become at reading them.

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Additional Resources to Learn Tarot Cards

Aside from purchasing a beginners guide to tarot cards, there are additional resources you can use to help you learn. There are online tarot card readings you can participate in, as well as online forums and chatrooms dedicated to tarot card reading. You can also find many instructional videos on YouTube. Many professional tarot card readers also offer private readings or classes, which can be helpful if you want more one-on-one attention.


It takes time and effort to learn tarot cards. However, it is ultimately worth it because tarot can be used for personal reflection, understanding complex situations, or providing insights into the future. With practice, anyone can become skilled at reading tarot cards.

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There are many different tarot decks, each with their own symbolism and meanings. It can take some time to learn all of the different cards and their meanings, but it is well worth the effort. Tarot can be used for divination, personal growth, and spell work. It is a powerful tool that can help you to gain insight into your life and the lives of others. With a little practice, you will be able to read tarot for yourself and others.

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Blog Outline:

It takes time to learn tarot cards. There are different schools of thought on how long it should take, but generally it takes months to years to really become proficient. It is important to find a method that works for you and to be patient. There are a lot of books and websites that can help you learn tarot cards, but ultimately it comes down to practice and understanding the meanings of the cards.

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How to Find Them

There’s no one definitive answer to this question. While it might only take a couple of hours to learn the meanings of the tarot cards, it can take much longer to learn how to read them effectively. The best way to find out is to practice with a deck of tarot cards. Start by giving yourself readings on simple topics, like what you should do next in your career or love life. As you get more comfortable, you can start doing readings for other people. With time and practice, you’ll develop your own style and techniques for reading the tarot.

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