How Long Does It Take To Drive 11 Miles

You’ve probably heard the saying that “time flies when you’re having fun.” When you’re going on a car trip and have nothing to do, time seems to crawl. Since you have no control over the average speed your car automatically drives at and there’s no scenery to distract from this, your state of mind can alter how fast or slow the journey feels.

The average speed of a car is 60 miles per hour

The average speed of a car is 60 miles per hour, so it would take approximately 18 minutes to drive 11 miles. However, this is only an estimate, and many factors can affect how long it would actually take to make the drive. These include traffic conditions, the route taken, weather conditions, and the driver’s skill level.

11 Miles = 11/60 miles which makes the average speed of driving 18.3 mph

It would take the average person approximately 11/60 miles to drive 18.3 mph. This is based on the assumption that the average person can drive a car for 60 minutes without taking a break.

It would take 22 minutes to drive 11 miles at 18.3 mph

Assuming that you are starting from a complete stop, it would take approximately 22 minutes to drive 11 miles at 18.3 mph. However, if you are already moving at or near 18.3 mph, it would take less time to travel the same distance.

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