How Long Does It Take Owlet To Charge

If you’re like most people, your charging cables are always running out of juice just when you need them the most. But don’t worry, there’s an electric pet monitor that can help solve that problem – Owlet!

Owlet not only monitors your pet’s activity and whereabouts, but it also charges their accompanying charging cable in the meantime so you never have to run out of juice again.

We want to help make sure that you have everything you need to make the best decision for yourself and your furry friend, so read on to find out more about Owlet and how long it takes to charge.

What is Owlet?

What is Owlet?

Owlet is a wearable device that monitors newborns’ oxygen levels and alerts parents when there is a change.

How Does Owlet Work?

Owlet is a wireless device that helps parents monitor infants and young children. It uses sensors to track heart rate, activity, breathing, and more. It connects wirelessly to a parent’s smartphone or computer, and provides real-time updates on the child’s health. OwletWatch syncs with the parent’s phone or computer, downloading updates in the background when available.

The Owlet app can be used to schedule hourly checks, view past data, create logs of daily activities, set alerts for specific events (e.g., sleep onset/wakeup), and more. The Owlet team aims to make parenting easier by automating routine tasks and providing reliable information on the child’s health.

Each charge takes about 2 hours from the time you plug it in until it is fully charged. The average battery life is about 2-3 days per charge

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How Much Does It Cost?

Owlet needs to be plugged into an outlet to recharge and will take about eight hours to fully charge. The cost of owlet ranges from $129 for a basic model to $249 for the most advanced one, the heartbeat monitor.


According to the company, Owlet claims that it will take about eight hours for a battery to fully charge. For most people, that means they can expect to be able to use their tracker up to sixteen hours after it has been plugged in. Given how often people move around and how long most conversations are, that can mean a lot of flexibility when it comes to tracking sleep and activity.

Frequenty Asked Questions

How Long Will It Take My Owlet Device To Charge?

It typically takes about two hours to charge your owlet device from empty.

It takes approximately four hours for your owlet device to fully charge.

I Just Bought An Owlet And It’s Not Charging. What Do I Do?

Make sure that you have inserted the Owlet properly into the charging cable and that the device is synced with your Owlet account. If you are still having issues, please feel free to reach out to our support team via our Contact page.

Make sure you have the right charging cable. The Owlet comes with a micro-USB charging cable. If you have another type of cable, like an iPhone charger, plug that into the Owlet instead of the micro-USB cable.

I Have An Owlet Device That Is Not Charging. What Should I Do?

First, make sure that your Owlet is in the correct position and that it is connected to the charger. If you still do not see a charge, try removing and re-inserting the battery. Alternatively, you can try contacting our customer support.

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If your Owlet device is not charging, there might be several things you can do to troubleshoot and fix the issue. First, try different charging cables. If that does not work, you can try a reset on the device by holding down the power button for 5 seconds. If none of these work, please contact customer support for more help.

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