How Long Does It Take For Boxycharm To Ship

Are you eagerly waiting to unbox your new Boxycharm subscription? Excited to try out all the latest beauty products and accessories? Well, before you start planning your glam looks, there’s one important question that needs answering: how long does it take for Boxycharm to ship? We know waiting for a package can be frustrating, so we’ve done the research and put together everything you need to know about Boxycharm shipping times. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into this beauty box delivery timeline!

What is Boxycharm?

Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box that delivers beauty and makeup products straight to your doorstep. Each box contains up to five full-sized items from high-end, drugstore, and indie brands worth over $100. Boxycharm aims to provide its customers with the latest and trendiest beauty products in the market, making it an excellent fit for any makeup enthusiast out there.

What sets Boxycharm apart from other subscription boxes is not only its great value but also its commitment to providing subscribers with quality luxury brands at an affordable price point. It’s no wonder why millions of people across the globe can’t wait for their monthly Boxycharm shipment!

While shipping times may vary depending on your location, you can always count on receiving a wide range of high-quality skincare and cosmetics products delivered directly to your door every month without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your beauty routine or indulge in some self-care treats regularly, then subscribing to Boxycharm might be what you need!

Shipping Process Overview

The shipping process of Boxycharm consists of several steps, each designed to ensure that the products reach their destination in pristine condition and within a reasonable timeframe. First, after placing an order, customers receive an email notification confirming the purchase along with a tracking number for their package. This allows them to keep track of where their items are at any given time during shipping.

Next, the team at Boxycharm carefully selects and packages each product with care before it is dispatched from their warehouse. The delivery partners then take over in transporting these parcels to various locations across the country using ground or air transportation depending on your location.

While there may be varying factors that can affect how long it takes for you to receive your boxy charm shipment such as weather conditions or holiday peak periods, overall Boxycharm aims to provide reliable and timely service throughout its entire shipping process.

So sit back relax and wait for your next Box – because we have got you covered!

Delivery Estimate Times

When you order a beauty subscription box like Boxycharm, it’s natural to be eager to receive your goodies. One of the common questions that many subscribers ask is about delivery estimate times. While Boxycharm strives to ship out boxes as quickly as possible, the length of time it takes for them to arrive at your doorstep can vary depending on factors such as your location and shipping method.

Typically, Boxycharm ships out boxes between the 5th and 15th of each month. If you’re located within the continental US, standard shipping can take anywhere from five to ten business days. However, if you opt for expedited or express shipping during checkout, this may shorten the estimated delivery time.

It’s important to keep in mind that unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather conditions or delays within transit may also affect shipment times. Therefore, if you haven’t received your box after two weeks from receiving a tracking number email from Boxycharm, reach out to their customer service team for assistance.

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Overall, while there are general guidelines regarding delivery estimate times by Boxycharm management team; however delivering on time depends highly on unpredictable external circumstances which are outside company control hence accurate predictions cannot be given due certainty but only estimations can persistently be maintained

Shipping Costs and Policies

Shipping costs and policies are an important factor to consider when shopping online. With Boxycharm, standard shipping is always free for subscribers in the continental US. However, expedited shipping options are available at an additional cost.

It’s also necessary to understand Boxycharm’s policies regarding shipment delays or issues. In the event of a delay or lost shipment, their customer service team can assist with resolving the issue promptly.

Additionally, it’s important to note that packages may be subject to customs fees if shipped internationally. These fees vary by country and are the responsibility of the recipient.

Overall, understanding Boxycharm’s shipping costs and policies ensures a smooth shopping experience for customers both domestically and internationally.

Tracking Your Package

Tracking your package can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. Once you’ve received confirmation that your Boxycharm order has been shipped, it’s time to start checking the tracking information regularly. The tracking number provided in your shipping confirmation email enables you to monitor the status of your package and its estimated delivery date.

Thanks to technology, there are various ways of tracking packages these days: via email, text message or by logging into specific courier websites or apps. It’s important to note that although carriers strive for timely deliveries, some factors outside their control may affect a shipment’s progress such as severe weather conditions, customs clearance procedures amongst others.

Overseas shipments often require additional paperwork which could result in delays or change in estimated arrival times. Our advice is for customers to have patience when faced with unforeseen trouble regarding their parcels’ delivery and keep communicating effectively with both the carrier and Boxycharm customer service who are always willing provide support every step of the way until packages arrive safely at customers doorstep!


In conclusion, the shipping time for Boxycharm can vary depending on a number of factors. While we can estimate that it will take around 5-10 business days from the date of purchase to receive your box, there are always unforeseen circumstances that may cause delays such as holidays or supply chain disruptions.

That being said, one thing is certain – Boxycharm consistently delivers high-quality products at an affordable price point. With monthly themes and top-rated brands included in each box, it’s no wonder why so many beauty enthusiasts have become loyal subscribers.

So if you’re thinking of signing up for Boxycharm, just remember to be patient with the shipping process and keep an open mind when trying out new products. You never know what gems you might discover!

Frequenty Asked Questions

How Long Does It Typically Take For Boxycharm To Ship My Order?

We aim to always process and ship orders within 1-3 business days. After you place an order, you will receive a confirmation email with details and the estimated arrival date of your order. Note that the delivery time may vary depending on where you live, but most customers should expect their Boxycharm orders to arrive within 5-7 business days.

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At Boxycharm, we understand the importance of getting your orders to you as quickly as possible. Typically, it takes between 1-3 business days for us to process and ship orders within the US. Depending on your location in the US, delivery times can range from 2-7 business days. For more information on estimated shipping times, please visit our Shipping page.

Can I Track My Shipment Once It Has Been Sent Out?

Absolutely! We understand how important it is for our customers to be able to track their shipments. Once your shipment has been sent out, we’ll send you an email with the tracking information so you can easily follow its progress from the comfort of your own home.

Absolutely! We provide you with a tracking number for your shipment once it has been sent out, so you can easily track its progress and see when it will arrive on your doorstep. You can find the tracking information by logging into your Boxycharm account and viewing your order history.

Are There Any Expedited Shipping Options Available For Customers Who Need Their Box Sooner?

Yes! Boxycharm offers expedited shipping options for those customers who need their box faster. You can select either Priority Shipping or Express Shipping to get your order as soon as possible for an additional fee. Orders shipped with expedited shipping should arrive within 2-3 business days, so you won’t have to wait too long!

Yes! We offer an expedited shipping option for customers who need their box sooner. This option will cost an additional fee, but your box will arrive within 3-5 business days.

What Happens If My Shipment Is Delayed Or Lost In Transit?

If your shipment is delayed or lost in transit, we will be glad to help you track it down. We are committed to ensuring that every customer has a great experience with us, and our customer service team is available to assist you 24/7 if any issues arise. Our team will do their best to locate your lost shipment and, in some cases, even provide a replacement package. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

If your shipment is delayed or lost in transit, contact us immediately and we will do our best to help. We track all orders and shipments, so if a delay does occur we can investigate the issue as quickly as possible. We also offer tracking services so you can stay up to date on the status of your order.

Is There A Way To Change The Shipping Address On An Order After It Has Been Placed?

Yes! You can change the shipping address on an order after it has been placed. All you have to do is contact our customer service team, who will be more than happy to assist you. Please note that any changes made to the address must be done within 24 hours of your initial order being placed. We recommend double checking the address before you place your order to avoid any issues with delivery.

Yes, if you need to change the shipping address on your order after it has been placed, please contact us as soon as possible. We’ll be happy to update the address for you and get your package delivered to its new home. It usually takes about 1-2 business days for our team to make the needed changes, so please let us know as soon as possible if you need to change the shipping address of your order.

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Will I Be Notified When My Box Has Shipped And When It Is Delivered?

Absolutely! We want to make sure our customers are informed the whole way through. We will send you a notification when your box has shipped, and another notification when it’s been delivered right to your door. You can also download the Boxycharm app so that you can track your shipment in real-time.

Absolutely! We know that you’re excited to get your box, so we’ll send you an email notification as soon as it ships. Once your box is on its way, we’ll also let you know when it’s been delivered. That way, you can rest easy knowing that your beauty goodies are on the way!

Do You Offer International Shipping, And How Long Does That Typically Take?

We proudly offer international shipping to over 80 different countries. The exact time it takes for your order to arrive will depend on the country of destination and the shipping option you choose at check-out. Generally speaking, most orders within the US take between 3-5 business days, while international orders can take up to 10-14 business days.

Yes, we offer international shipping to over 200 countries. Depending on your location, shipping times will vary but typically takes 7-10 business days. If you need faster delivery, we also offer expedited shipping options at a higher cost.

How Do You Ensure That Packages Are Safe During Transit And Arrive In Good Condition?

At Boxycharm, we ensure the safety and security of our packages by using trusted shipping companies. All of our packages are shipped with tracking numbers so that customers can track their orders every step of the way. We also use robust packaging to make sure each product arrives in perfect condition.

We place the utmost importance on getting our customers’ packages to them in perfect condition. That’s why our team takes great care when packing your orders — we use bubble-wrap for packaging and include a tracking number with every package so that you can monitor its journey from our warehouse to your doorstep. Plus, all of our shipments are insured up to a certain value so that you can be sure you’ll receive what you ordered.

If I Have Multiple Subscriptions, Will All Of The Boxes Be Shipped Together Or Separately?

We ship each subscription separately so you can get your Boxycharm goodies as soon as possible. You should expect one subscription to be sent out the day your payment is processed, and the other subscription to ship out a few days later.

It depends. Our system recognizes when you have multiple subscriptions and will try to ship them together if possible. However, sometimes we may need to ship out separate boxes in order to ensure that your items arrive in a timely manner. Please keep an eye on your tracking information and rest assured that all of your subscriptions are being taken care of!

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