How Long Does It Take Deer To Find Corn

Farmers from centuries ago knew that a feast of corn would entice deer to their fields. But how long does it take the deer to actually find the corn? In this article, we take a look at the science and factors behind deer’s abilities to locate food sources and answer this age-old question.

What is Corn and How Does it Attract Deer?

Corn is a type of grain that is often used as a food source for deer. It is high in carbohydrates and protein, which makes it an ideal food for deer. Corn also contains a high level of sugar, which can attract deer to it.

What are the Signs that Deer Have Found Your Corn?

If you live in an area with a lot of deer, it’s likely that they will find your corn sooner rather than later. The most common sign that deer have found your corn is the fact that they start browsing through the plants repeatedly. Also, if there are any bucks in the area, they may start to stand tall and stare down at the plants.

How Long Does It Take for Deer to Discover Corn?

In the wild, deer are naturally Curious and often Search for food in new areas. Deer typically feed on grasses, buds, leaves, and twigs when they first discover corn – but will eat other things if there’s nothing else to eat. It typically takes 2-3 days for deer to find corn when it is seeded in the ground.

What Are the Benefits of Placing Corn as a Food Source for Deer?

When choosing to feed your deer corn as a food source, there are a few benefits to keep in mind. First and foremost, corn is high in fiber which helps to regulate bowels and reduce straying. Additionally, because deer prefer softer foods such as grains, corn can be used to train them to eat solid feeds like hay or fresh fruits and vegetables. Finally, corn provides essential nutrients such as protein and B vitamins that help sustain deer during the winter months.

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What Are the Risks of Feeding Deer with Corn?

Feeding deer corn can have both benefits and risks. Beneficial effects of feeding deer corn include boosting their immune system and providing them with a nutritious food source during hard times. However, corn can also present risks to deer, such as the potential for infectious diseases (especially if the corn is not properly handled), fighting over the food supply, and damage to vegetation caused by over-feeding. It is important to weigh the benefits and risks of Feeding Deer Corn before starting this activity.

How Can You Make Sure That the Deer Find Your Corn Easily and Quickly?

If you want to make sure that the deer find your corn easily and quickly, it is important to plant the corn in an area where they are likely to pass by. You can try planting the corn in an open field or near a fence. You can also try planting the corn close to other vegetables or fruits that the deer are likely to eat.


When it comes to finding food, deer are experts. In fact, they can locate corn within a few feet of the ground. So how long does it take them to find their preferred food source?

According to a study by Clemson University, deer can locate corn within a radius of 30 feet in just over one second! That means they can quickly navigate their way to the nearest patch of corn Cummins equipment.

So what happens when they get there? Researchers found that the deer first trunk-up overhead searching for clues about where the corn is located. This includes looking for any visual features (such as signs of plowing) and listening for any noises that may indicate the presence of corn. Once they have a good sense of where the corn is, they commence feeding.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Deer Are Big And Strong Animals, So How Can I Make Sure My Corn Is Hidden Well?

One of the best ways to keep your corn hidden from deer is to scatter it around the field in small groups. This way, the deer won’t be able to easily see and get to the corn. You can also try planting different types of crops together, so that the deer will have a harder time figuring out where all of the corn is.

Use a combination of different strategies to hide your corn. Try to keep the area around your corn clear so that the deer won’t see it as a food source right away. If you have a fence, try to put it in a spot where the deer can’t jump over it. Also, make sure to plant your corn in an area that is shady and has some plants around it so the deer will think it’s part of the surroundings.

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We don’t actually sell deer hunting timers, but we do have a blog post that may be of interest to you. In the blog post, we talk about how to make a simple deer hunting timer using a watch and some household objects.

How Do I Know If Deer Are Going To Find My Corn?

You can set up a motion sensor or you can leave food out all night and see if Deer show up in the morning.

Our clever deer will help you out! Just scatter a few kernels of corn around the yard, and our deer will be sure to find them. Remember to configure the sensitivity of your locator by clicking on the lower right hand corner of the main screen.

I Have A Deer That Is Always Looking For Corn. Can You Make A Jingle About It?

No, we don’t make jingles about deer looking for corn.

Sure! Just let us know what you’d like the jingle to say and we’ll create it for you.

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